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5th AASIC Statistics

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Will you allow our friends to attend this conference without his/her abstract/paper submission?

A: Yes, everyone can attend the conference, and they should register online and done with the payment.

Q: Which hotel do you recommend for me as a Muslim to get halal food easily ?

A: We recommend PULLMAN HOTEL, KOSA HOTEL, and KWAN MOR HOTEL, which have been visited by staffs of the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia or/and Indonesian people whenever they come to Khon Kaen. However, you can request for special food from the hotels.

Q: I do not get Letter of Acceptance (LOA)? What should I do?

A: Please send us an email with the detail of authors and the title of your paper

Q: When will we know the announcement of the full paper?

A: There is no announcement for the full paper. We just send the Letter of Acceptance (LoA) for those who send abstract.

Q: If I do not submit full paper, can I still present my paper as an oral presenter?

A: We cannot allow you to present your paper as an oral presenter without the full paper submission. You may change to the poster presentation

Q: I have got LOA, what is the next step? Will I get LOA for full paper?

A: No, please check the steps: Submit abstract – announcement (LOA) - Submit full paper/poster - Registration (online) – attend the conference

Q: How to publish the manuscript to the (international) journal and how much do i need to pay?

A: Once your paper is selected by the committee, we will link you to our journal partners. Payment needs to be completed by the author, and you can check the publication fee here:

Q: Is there a recommended hotel in Khon kaen?

A: For more information, please visit our website to see the recommended hotel and check the price. We provide pick-up service for participants from airport to the hotels (Kosa Hotel, Pullman Hotel dan Kwanmor Hotel)

Q: If I am accepted as a poster presenter, do I need to submit full paper?

A: No, the full paper is only required for oral presentation.

Q: Does the registration fee include the hotel fee?

A: No, registration fee is only for the conference

Q: What is the direction to Khonkaen?

A: From your country (e.g Indonesia) → Bangkok (Suvarnabum airport and don muang airport) → Khonkaen Airport

Q: Will we get the payment receipt ?

A: Yes, all participants will get a payment receipt at the registration desk at the time of conference

Q: Is the registration fee based on the number of paper or the number of author ?

A: The registration fee is based on the number of author who will attend the conference. For instance, if the paper is written by three authors and attend the conference, it means each author should pay should pay IDR 1.300.000 (3 persons x IDR 1.300.000 = IDR 3.900.000). But, if only one author attends the conference, he/she has to pay only for one person.

Q: When will we get the proceeding and certificate ?

A: Proceeding will be given at the time of the conference, particularly during the re-registration on the first day of conference; while certificate will be given after closing ceremony on the second day of the conference.

PERMITHA reserves the right at its sole discretion to postpone or change the venue,date and/or time of the conference without prior notice before early bird registration deadline.
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