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ASEAN Academic Society International Conference (AASIC) is an annual event organized by Indonesian Students Association in Thailand in cooperation with a Thai esteemed university. Since its first conference in 2012, it has attracted many scholars, scientists, experts, practitioners and graduate students from ASEAN countries. The last conference conducted at Mahidol University in 2016 attracted even bigger participation, with more than 120 papers delivered orally at the conference. This indicates that the conference is one of the best scientific events in ASEAN region which provides a platform for academic community and practical professionals to discuss research results and share experiences. The 5th AASIC 2017 to be held in Khon Kaen will get a full support from Khon Kaen University as well as from the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Bangkok. Please make sure that you will participate at the conference as this conference shall become the biggest event among the previous ones. I am looking forward to seeing you at the conference.

Dr. Yunardi Yusuf
Former Education Attache of the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Bangkok

I would like to thank you the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Thailand and the Overseas Indonesian Student Association in Thailand for co-organizing this multidisciplinary conference in Khon Kaen University. Khon Kaen University is fully committed to the ASEAN collaboration in sharing academic research in all disciplines, causing changes in society, economics, and cultures. Therefore, I am certain that this conference is a crucial beginning for our future cooperation between KKU and Indonesian higher education institutions.

Assistant Professor Dr. Teekayu Plangkoon Jorns
Assist to the President for International Relations, Khon Kaen University, Thailand

It is a pleasure dealing with the fifth Asian Academic society International conference (AASIC) which will be held in Khon Kaen University, Khon Kaen province, Thailand. As a one of the best universities as well as a pioneering research center in the North - East region of Thailand. Khon Kaen University is not only the perfect venue for the conference but also a wisdom landscape of “Isaan” culture. In addition, Khon Kaen University is fully committed to the crucial mission of the ASEAN collaboration in sharing academic research in all disciplines, causing changes in societies, economics, and cultures. The conference aims to bring much expected benefit to support policy makers in universities, government, non-governmental organizations and other practical researchers who concern to establish solution for challenging problems in Asia. Along with presence of the experts including researchers, professionals, practitioners, and students from Asia Pacific region, they are the key speakers from respective fields: 1) Health Sciences: Transcultural in nursing, alternative medicine, complementary therapy, water management, epidemiology and environment. 2) Education, art, and social sciences: Gender, cross border, globalization & local aspects, art and local wisdom, linguistic, political science, social development, learning & teaching methodology. 3) Engineering and technology: Green technology, water resource, food technology, enter-preunership small medium enterprise. I assure that the 5th AASIC is a huge beginning for the future cooperation between Khon Kaen University and Indonesian higher education institutions.

Mrs. Thuyen Nguyen
Alumni Faculty of Nursing, Khon Kaen University; Lecturer at Pham Ngoc Thach University of Medicine Vietnam; Ph.D student at Faculty of Nursing Mahidol University, Thailand.

We meet once again to move forward in one of the greatest annual international conference that held by Indonesian Students Association in Thailand (PPI Thailand/PERMITHA). As one of the best universities as well-known as a research university in Thailand, we proudly present the 5th Asian Academic Society International Conference (AASIC) on 26-27 July 2017 at Khon Kaen University, Khon Kaen, Thailand. Through the conference theme for upcoming year, “Multidisciplinary Perspective of Local Wisdom: Past, Present and Future of Asia, we try to integrate the local wisdom as a part of the research treasures. We do believe that by acknowledging the local wisdom as the part of human life, it would be able to enrich the multidisciplinary research topic. Finally, we do hope that the valuable result of research from those multidisciplinary perspectives could be able to solve the complexity of societal problems particularly in Asia-Pacific Region. This international platform provides you for exchange and update of information on various topics such as health sciences, education, art, social sciences, engineering and technology field either from researchers, academia, policy maker, NGO and civil society. This conference has enjoyed the valuable support of our partners, Indonesian Embassy for Royal Thai Kingdom and Khon Khaen University. We also would like to acknowledge and express our gratitude as well to our keynote speaker, panelists, scientific reviewers, and the organizing committee who have made this event a reality. So welcome, once again to all of you, to Khon Kaen. Please take time to enjoy the beauty of Isaan culture, the local wisdom of North East of Thailand!

Mr. Bayu Anggileo Pramesona, RN, MHM, PhD (C)
President of Indonesian Student Association in Thailand Period 2016/2017

PERMITHA reserves the right at its sole discretion to postpone or change the venue,date and/or time of the conference without prior notice before early bird registration deadline.
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